Review: Garnier Light B.B

11 Dec

I’ve been using Garnier Light Eye Roll-on for so long now that’s why when this came out it didn’t take me long to get it.  I was surprised because what is this actually is undereye concealer. Duh, the “BB” and “instant fairness” shld’ve given it away if I weren’t  being such a dummy. so that kinda bummed me because the last thing I need is another concealer -.-‘ Nevertheless I tried it out and here’s what I gotta say about it..


  • dries to a powdery finish
  • better that your ordinary concealer because of the presence of “pure lemon essence and mineral pigments”
  • affordable. only Php229
  • available in all drugstore and even groceries to ^_^


  • only 1 shade available
  • dries a little too fast so better blend it right away



Overall I like this product. If you are looking for a new eye concealer, I highly recommend you get this. It has an OK coverage and I don’t think it’s buildable too. So I’m not sure it wld work out if you try concealing your dark spots with this.

together with my Garnier Light Eye Roll On

that’s it…now I’ll watch the Machida vs Jones fight, woot! woot!…………….. what?!?…….:P



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