Review: L’Oreal Hairspa

4 Dec

I think I’ve mentioned this before that instead of using conditioner regularly, I use treatments like hotoil and hairspa instead. Right now I am using a hairspa from L’Oreal and I am loving it ^_^

How I use it: the very first step when I get ready in the morning is to wash my hair with shampoo then towel dry before applying a generous amount of L’Oreal Hairspa. Then I just put my hair in a shower cap and do the rest of my morning routine (including morning prayers and breakfast ^_^), brushing my teeth then washing my face and body…then I rinse my hair lastly. So the thought there is leaving it on my hair for more or less 20 mins. And also, I don’t rinse it to the point that all the product is COMPLETELY washed off. I like that my hair is still tad bit slippery with the product after^_^


  • makes my hair really soft and smooth
  • smells nice
  • there’s an extra lid after the cover


  • not commercially available. You cld get this in SOME salon. If a salon offers a L’Oreal X-Tenso treatment, it is most likely that they have this
  • the price. Php1500. Actually its not that bad. Just look at the size of this baby in my hands. Its humongous! This could last you for 6months… probably more depending on how frequent you wash your hair.

Overall: I like this product and I would definitely repurchase. FAST! because I just run out of it.=(




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