Review: Proactiv 3-Piece System

3 Dec

I realized I haven’t posted anything acne related yet so for today I decided to talk about my Proactiv experience HAHA! OK this may seem irrelivant if you are someone from other countries because it’s such a popular product — heck! in the US they even sell this in vending machines — but here in the Philippines people are still skeptic.  Before we start let me tell you a little something about my skin first.

My skin now is oily and really acne prone. I don’t have a pimple infested face but I always have 1 humongous pimple showing up one after another which hurts like hell and always leave an ugly scar.

This is the 60 day kit 3 piece system composed of a Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner and Repairing Treatment. That is designed for morning and night time use everyday. I won’t go thru all the ingredients of each but I would just like to say that it’s main content is Benzoyl Peroxide.

How To Use:

Start of with the Renewing Cleanser, massaging it to a wet face for 1-2 mins before rinsing. After drying my face with a face tissue I apply the Revitalizing Toner using a cotton pad then I let the product sink in for a few seconds before applying the Repairing Treatment. There’s also a Refining Mask that can be used twice a week. Just add this step in between cleanser and toner.


  • Effective
  • Available in all major malls
  • the cleanser is really gentle. If you’ve tried a baking soda mask it kinda feels the same.
  • I used to think that it’s quite expensive for Php3995 but if  you think you’re getting 3 products (4 actually you also get a Refining Mask in every kit) it’s actually not that bad
  • As mentioned above it comes with a free mask a mini moisturizer and an info sheet which I storngly advise you read. It helped me understand the “acne” dilemma more.
  • The mask can also be used as spot treatment for pimples.

i haven't tried this one yet so there's nothing for me to say except that its soooo tiny 😛


  • The toner and most specially the treatment is quite stingy so you may want to consult your dermatologist first if you have a highly sensitive skin.
  • The mask have an unpleasant smell

Overall: This product really worked for me. Actually this is my 2nd kit already the 1st one didn’t work because I didn’t use it right. I had a 30 day kit then and imagine, after a month of continious use I was not even halfway done the product. I don’t have pimples as of the moment considering I just transitioned to a night from a day shift job now. I heard a lot of people complaining that it made them sensitive to sun but I haven’t experienced that since I rarely get into the sun 😛 Some also say it gave them premature wrinkles but I don’t know about that either. Although Proactiv doesn’t advise using other products with this, I still use moisturizer, anti acne serums and sun screens so I guess that just applies for products of same purpose:)

Disclaimer Time: I am not a dermatologist and way far from being a skin expert. My opinions are personal and based on my OWN experience with the product. So what works for me may have other effects on you. And also I am not sponsored by Proactiv to do this review.




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