Lippies for Glasses O-O

15 Nov

Do you wear glasses?? not those big nerdy ones that has become a fad for “jejes”…but the simple dark framed ones like this….

L-3.75/R-3.50 O-O

NERDY I know…but  you could transform this look from nerdy to sexy…HOW?? by wearing the right lip color ^_^

Here are some color suggestion you might like..

raspberry, rouge, red

1. Rouge Color

For work, I like Clinique’s 214 in Rouge Flamboyant which is a coppery brown color. This color makes you look really confident 🙂

2. Raspberry Color

Here I have Covergirl in 924 which is a raspberry with silver shimmers. I think this gives you a flirty and playful look but not too much. I think it’s perfect for school

3. Deep Red

For more dramatic and sexy look. Deep reds are perfect. Here I have Wet n Wild in 514A which also has a plum-y undertones to it.

Here are the swatches..

raspberry, rouge, red

ok…this pic is kinda fail because the raspberry looks like baby pink and the red looks like hot pink..nevertheless, here’s some celebrities to prove my point:P

emmy rossum, scarlett johansson, zoe saldana

hope you like this post,


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