Review: NARS

14 Nov

HURRAH! for my first highend makeup review. It’s really worth celebrating since I don’t have that many HAHA!! Anyway, it’s a miniature set of  Orgasm Blush, Lust  Bronzer and Super Orgasm Lip Gloss. This was gifted to me by a friend because yes, I’m a cheapskate HAHA! He got this from for $50, I believe. Anyways here’s what I think…

Orgasm Blush:

Pink with gold shimmers. Looks natural..really gives you that “flushed” look. I think it works for all skin tone

Lust Bronzer:

Matte Bronzer. It’s OK. Doesn’t show up very well on my skin tone though. But it’s OK once you’ve build it up.

Super Orgasm Lip Gloss

Pink with gold shimmers. It’s literally the lipgloss version of the blush. This, I’m not a fan of. It’s too sticky and the gold shimmer is kind of too ‘festive’ for me.

Here’s some swatch….

Super Orgasm, Orgasm, Lust

Overall ‘Con’ is …yup.. you’ve guessed it..EXPENSIVE. I mean, although I love these products I know of dupes which are way, WAY cheaper than this.

that’s it…sorry this review is kinda unstructured than usual. I dunno, I guess the products are so popular there is really nothing more I could say 😛



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