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Review: Beauty Buffet Facial Masks

27 Nov

Ok so I’ve been meaning to try this mask from Taiwan called My Beauty Diary since forever but can’t since it’s not available here in the Phils…not even local online shops (leave me a comment if you know one). So I decided to buy from Sasa but unfortunately the other products in my cart are not available for weeks now so I can’t check out T_T. I was doing my random visit at Watsons this afternoon and I found this equally cute looking masks…

ignore the box. I just "arbor-ed" it to the saleslady since I bought so many 😛

They are called Beauty Buffet which is also from Taiwan. These are sold at Watsons individually for Php39. I got all variants available which are:

  • Apple Evening Primerose  (Repair & Refine)
  • Caviar & Bioptide  (Smooth & Supple)
  • CO Q10 & Yogurt (Firm & Smooth)
  • Green Tea & Grape Seed (Soothe & Protect)
  • Vitamin C & Neroli (Revitalise & Brighten)
  • White Tea & Ginkgo (Rejuvinate & Revitalise

Now for this review I decided to try on the Apple Evening Primerose one. How did I decide the order?? Alphabetically of course (toinks! -.-‘)


  • Available locally
  • Affordable
  • Cute packaging
  • Has platic holder(?? the platic thing that holds the actual mask…you’ll see in the next picture)
  • Leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed
  • Has English instruction and product info at the back
  • Sheet is thin enough for your skin to breathe


  • Sheet is too big in the forehead area. But this is a common problem for me since I have a small forehead. It should be OK with you
  • No website
  • Expiration date not stated

Overall it’s an OK mask and I love it. If I still won’t be able to get my hands (or my face, rather:P) on My Beauty Diary masks, I will repurchase this 🙂 I was just kinda bummed  that Beauty Buffet in some parts of Asia have much more cuter packaging like this. No fair!!!!

I won’t be doing reviews for the other variants unless I see any significant difference with the result.

btw heres my picture with the mask on. This is not the mask itself. It’s the plastic thingy I mentioned above. As also mentioned, the mask is so thin you can actually see my face in it so I decided not to post that one. You wouldn’t want to see my ugly face now, do you??:P

OK. This was a bad idea. The mask comes off together with this plastic thingy when I was peeling it off. I suggest you remove this first before putting on the mask. Oh, and btw don’t I look like this guy’s wife???




coz y’know we gotta be pretty when we do our killing…HAHA!!!



Lippies for Glasses O-O

15 Nov

Do you wear glasses?? not those big nerdy ones that has become a fad for “jejes”…but the simple dark framed ones like this….

L-3.75/R-3.50 O-O

NERDY I know…but  you could transform this look from nerdy to sexy…HOW?? by wearing the right lip color ^_^

Here are some color suggestion you might like..

raspberry, rouge, red

1. Rouge Color

For work, I like Clinique’s 214 in Rouge Flamboyant which is a coppery brown color. This color makes you look really confident 🙂

2. Raspberry Color

Here I have Covergirl in 924 which is a raspberry with silver shimmers. I think this gives you a flirty and playful look but not too much. I think it’s perfect for school

3. Deep Red

For more dramatic and sexy look. Deep reds are perfect. Here I have Wet n Wild in 514A which also has a plum-y undertones to it.

Here are the swatches..

raspberry, rouge, red

ok…this pic is kinda fail because the raspberry looks like baby pink and the red looks like hot pink..nevertheless, here’s some celebrities to prove my point:P

emmy rossum, scarlett johansson, zoe saldana

hope you like this post,


Review: NARS

14 Nov

HURRAH! for my first highend makeup review. It’s really worth celebrating since I don’t have that many HAHA!! Anyway, it’s a miniature set of  Orgasm Blush, Lust  Bronzer and Super Orgasm Lip Gloss. This was gifted to me by a friend because yes, I’m a cheapskate HAHA! He got this from for $50, I believe. Anyways here’s what I think…

Orgasm Blush:

Pink with gold shimmers. Looks natural..really gives you that “flushed” look. I think it works for all skin tone

Lust Bronzer:

Matte Bronzer. It’s OK. Doesn’t show up very well on my skin tone though. But it’s OK once you’ve build it up.

Super Orgasm Lip Gloss

Pink with gold shimmers. It’s literally the lipgloss version of the blush. This, I’m not a fan of. It’s too sticky and the gold shimmer is kind of too ‘festive’ for me.

Here’s some swatch….

Super Orgasm, Orgasm, Lust

Overall ‘Con’ is …yup.. you’ve guessed it..EXPENSIVE. I mean, although I love these products I know of dupes which are way, WAY cheaper than this.

that’s it…sorry this review is kinda unstructured than usual. I dunno, I guess the products are so popular there is really nothing more I could say 😛


Warning: I Ruined My BB Cream :(

13 Nov

So I bought this BB Cream a while back called Missha Watery BB Cream..if you are into BB creams you know that the manufacturers always come up with a line that is suited for those with dry skin. It’s a BB cream with more moisturizing agent (water)…kinda like tinted moisturizer. I had dry skin back then and I totally love this product. Although ‘watery’ it still had a silky powdery finish.

ok..I always have this habbit of shaking everything that is liquid. From toners, to perfume, juice drinks…ANYTHING liquid in a ‘shake-able’ container I will shake vigorously. Yep, I did shake and shake this each time I used this. It was OK at first but then the day come NO PRODUCT CAME OUT BUT WATER!

please ignore other swatches 😛

….yeah…it’s totally ruined now 😦 I just wasted Php500 worth of excellent product. So warning….DO NOT SHAKE YOUR BB CREAMS!