Review: TonyMoly Silky Glaze

29 Oct

My hair is rebonded and I just got an octopus cut to give it shape and volume. It did achieve that but I want more volume so I’ve been desperately searching for a hair volumizer. Something like the Got 2B fat which unfortunately not available here in the Philippines…even online. What we  have here are volumizing wax, mousse, hairspray…I need something I can use everyday.

Last week I was at TONYMOLY in Megamall and I found this 😀


what's up the the non-Asian looking model?? 😛


  • It do feel there’s a boost in my hair
  • fairly cheap for around Php400….or less I think. sorry I threw the receipt without taking note of the price 😦
  • Can be used everyday since it’s in a mist formulation


  • No English instruction
  • I don’t like the smell. Smells like a really cheap shampoo from some beat down salon in your “kanto-kanto”. It’s tolerable though
  • The “umph” effect doesn’t last very long. Probably just a few seconds after using

Packaging: this is probably my biggest disappointment with this product. Asian brands are known to have very cute packaging and if you’ve been in a TONYMOLY shop you know they kinda stepped up in that area more but WTF is with this really cheap looking bottle…..

…. I do like this lock thingy on the spritzer though…very very good ^_^


that’s it pancit!

– Rhen


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