Gel vs. Cream Eyeliner

29 Oct

Ok this is not actually a “BATTLE” but more of a “know how” to tell difference between a gel and a cream liner. Visually, you cannot. Unlike with pencil and liquid……..of course 😛


sorry my gel liner looks all beat up -.-

You really can’t tell unless you used it. You even can’t tell by swatching. It’s when you have applied it you can actually tell the difference . Since I’ve thrown away both boxes, I tried googling the contents of both to give this post an intellectual touch but I can’t seem to find a  sufficient one so let’s just drop that and get on with WHAT-RHEN-THINKS shall we???:P

this pic doesn't help at all, just did it for the sake of swatching it:P

**lets refer to Cream Liner as CL and GL for Gel Liner since I’ll be mentioning them a lot it’ll be irritating to read 😛

1. CL is harder to work on than GL. A lot of product get in the brush and if you don’t have steady hands it could really get messy. The first times I’ve used CL I always end up with really thick and dramatic eyeliner which I don’t like. The effective way of using this is by LIGHTLY dabbing the angled brush in the jar and then using patting motion to SLOWLY build it up. It takes patience at first but it’ll get better once you get used to it of course.

GL on the otherhand is much easier to use. You can just dab the product in your lash line and glide the brush to your desired shape. GL is perfect for beginners 🙂

2. If you want a ‘twinkling eye’ effect, go with the CL since it’s glossier but GL works better for smokey eyes 😀

3. CL on your brush tends to get a little tougher to clean than GL.

…I’d like to say that CL has more staying power than GL because with that swatch on the picture, when I washed my hand CL stayed clean and slick while GL was already gone. I didn’t have the same problem when applied though. It could be the brand or it’s just that my gel liner is really old and kinda dried up 😛 I personally think they both have the same staying power.

that’s it! Hope this helps.


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