Haul: Watsons

28 Oct

here in the Philippines, 'Watsons' is (usu)located inside SM dept store

I LOVE shopping at Watsons…it’s a one stop shop for your every beauty need. Here are pictures from a recent haulage^_^

its amazing how much drugstore stuff you cld buy from the price of a single highend makeup ^_^

Hair Stuff:

Golden Fabulouz Coconut Hot Oil Cream–  Here’s a thing about me…I don’t use conditioner regularly, instead..I use hair spa or hot oil creams. Got these 2 150g jar for Php99. Yup. It’s on ‘buy 1 take 1 promo’ so I didn’t have a choice HAHA! I might giveaway the other jar…you like?? ^_^

Another thing about my ‘haircare’ is that I just use the cheapest shampoos out there. So since Palmolive shampoo is a ‘Cosmo Awardee’, I just got that 🙂

Pure Beauty Treatment Hair Care Oil (Php183 for 60ml) which is just a hair serum. I’ve always wanted to buy this eversince I got the Pure Beauty Treatment Essence Water one. And because I think the packaging is just lovely ❤ I might do a review on both products in the future ^_^


Wet n Wild Color Icon in Pride (Php499)-I’ve been itching to get this eversince I got the ‘Vanity’ one plus I think the navy blues here will be great for smokey eyes and since I have a wedding to attend to next month, I think its about time I finally get this ^_^

4U2 Gemtone in Onyx (Php424) which is just a basic grays quad. It kinda have a metallic sheen to it which I think  would also work in the smokey eyes I am planning to do^_^

Fashion 21 single eyeshadow (Php65)  There’s a ‘backup look’ I’m planning just in case the smokey eye I’m planning would not work with these products. It involves the green in the Wet n Wild pride and an orange eyeshadow…intrigued???:P

Careline lipgloss in shade 01 which is just a natural pink color. I’d really wanted to collect all their lipglosses because I love the clear one I bought months ago. They are uber cheap (Php75) but I changed my mind because I can’t stand the smell -.-‘. The color’s very nice though, so if you are not that “maarte” with scents then I highly recommend Careline Lipglosses:)

Careline Glitter Liner in Clear. I’ve been wanting to do the ‘teary eyed’ look which is famous in Asia nowadays so I’ve been searching for tthe perfect glitter liner. I wanted to get the Mojolica Majorca one around Php500 then  Etude House Php300+ BUT luckily I saw this which costs Php105 ^_^ WINNER!!!

Pure Beauty Soothing BB Cream. I know I just did a review on the Skin79 one and I am STILL using that but I need another one for backup. I was searching for a cheap one  so I got this for Php199. At first I wasn’t expecting much for it’s price but changed right after I tried it out. I will do a separate review on this 😀


Pure Beauty Eyecream (Php109). I am currently using Olay Total Effects eyecream but again, I just needed something cheap for backup. The packaging reminds me of the TonyMoly one… actually the whole line does. I’m thinking of getting all for future giveaway…you like?? 😀

PH Care Intimate wash… doI need to elaborate in this??? 😛

And because I spent Php1500+ on shopping so they gave me this tumbler and magazine for free 😀

Let me know if you want a more detailed review of the products mentioned.



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