Battle: Mascara

26 Oct

Another thing I’ll be doing a lot in this blog are the “Battles” ^_^ This is where you see popular (or not) products battle it out to see which one is better than the other 😀 I think its good to give you an overall view comparison of stuff instead of reviewing them individually. So for  our first battle we are doing Mascaras…

Covergirl LashBlast, Maybelline Volume Express and L’Oreal Telescopic Clean. All in color black and under Php500..Cause we don’t need spending much on mascaras since we are supposed to change every 3 months.

LashBlast, Volum Express, Telescopic Clean

* 1 is the highest

LashBlast Volum Express Telescopic Clean
non-clumping 1 3 2
holds curl 3 1 2
smudge proof 2 1 3
waterproof no yes no
blackest 3 2 1
scent 3 1 2
lengthening 3 1 2
volumizing 3 2 1

Last Note:
LashBlast – non-clumping and non dramatic perfect for everyday use
Volum Express – REALLY lengthening. I love the comb like applicator <3…I wish they would make more mascara wands like this
Telescopic clean – the short bristles and thin wand makes it perfect for lower lashes.

I hope this helps you choosing your next mascara. If you have more questions feel free to comment below ^_^



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